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Bryan Bower is the January 2022 Driver of the Month. Bryan is approaching 15 years as an Owner Operator with BMC Transportation. He is a 10-year member of the President’s Safe Driving Club and has over one million miles with us. Bryan is also a previous Driver of the Year awardee. Bryan is always willing to lend a hand and has consistently been an extremely productive driver. His frequent trips to Canada are greatly appreciated, by us and our customers up north. Everyone at BMC Transportation greatly appreciates having Bryan on the team. Thank you, Bryan, and congratulations.

Rick Williamson is the February 2022 Driver of the Month. Rick has been accident-free since joining us in 2019. In 2019 he was named the New Driver of the Year. Rick has a great attitude and is great to work with. Office staff and customers always have positive interactions with Rick. He has received multiple compliments from customers since coming on. Not only is Rick great to interact with, but he is also productive and knowledgeable on what it takes to be a successful Owner Operator. Congrats Rick on being named February Driver of the Month, well deserved.

March Driver of the Month is Randy Reynolds. Randy is approaching 5 years with BMC Transportation and is a previous Driver of the Month awardee. Randy is consistently near the top for monthly miles and has achieved accident-free status. In addition to being productive and safe, Randy has proven to be self-sufficient. Randy’s interactions with the office are always pleasant and he usually has a good story to tell. Congratulations to Randy as our March 2022 Driver of the Month.

Richard Brown is our April 2022 Driver of the Month. This is Richard’s second tour with us, returning in May of 2000. He was a Driver of the Month awardee in 2021. Richard has been accident-free and has maintained a high level of productivity. He has also been active in trying to refer Owner Operators to our fleet, which is greatly appreciated. Richard is another example of an Owner Operator who is not only productive but professional in his interactions with staff and customers. He is a great member of the team and is well-deserving of the Driver of the Month nominations. Congrats Rich!

The May 2022 Driver of the Month is Jessie Wheeler. Jessie has been with BMC Transportation for 4 years. He started as a contractor’s driver and converted to an Owner Operator last year. He has proven to be a quality Owner Operator-productive, self-sufficient and safe. Interactions with Jessie are always pleasant and professional. Jessie has a reputation for taking any load going anywhere and will jump in to help wherever he can. Jessie was also a 2022 Nebraska Truck Driving Championship participant, performing well for a 1st time attendee. Congratulations Jessie on your Driver of the Month nomination.

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