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BMC Transportation, the transportation division of Behlen Mfg. Co.,

is an authorized contract and common carrier licensed for general commodities in 48 states and Canadian provinces. Operating out Columbus, Nebraska, BMC Transportation serves all Behlen Business Units with product pickup, delivery and backhaul services.

BMC Transportation provides a key competitive advantage to serving our customers and the regional plant concept of Behlen Country. The entrepreneurial spirit provided by BMC owner/operators is dedicated to protecting quality products and providing timely delivery.

Since being granted General Commodities Authority in 1983, 

BMC Transportation's fleet size has increased by 200%. We continue to grow and keep pace with the expanding business of Behlen Mfg. Co. Today, BMC Owner Operators travel more than nine million miles per year.

Our experienced professional drivers and knowledgeable staff give us a reputation as one of the best transportation companies in the industry!

BMC Transportation is recruiting owner operators and lease operators. We have a logistics group that allows us to deadhead to our next load and keep moving. Empty miles pay you the same as loaded! We offer an excellent pay package and benefits.
Shandy Hand
Shandy Hand General Manager
Email: shandy.hand@behlenmfg.com
Phone: (402) 563-7338
Luis Raya
Luis Raya Safety Director
Email: luis.raya@behlenmfg.com
Phone: (402) 563-7257
Tanya Hassebrook - Transportation Coordinator (10 Years), Email: tanya.hassebrook@behlenmfg.com, Phone: (402) 563-7320
Sharon Lowe - Transportation Coordinator (10 Years), Email: sharon.lowe@behlenmfg.com, Phone: (402) 563-7449
Melissa Fowler - Traffic Coordinator (11 Years), Email: melissa.fowler@behlenmfg.com, Phone: (402) 563-7487
Lacy Jacobi - Traffic Coordinator (3 Years), Email: lacy.jacobi@behlenmfg.com, Phone: (402) 563-7496
Mark Zimmerman - Trailer Mechanic (3 Years)
Kenny Wendt - Trailer Mechanic (25 Years)
Phone: (402) 563-7386
Rae Went – Admin (34 Years) Email: raeann.went@behlenmfg.com,
Phone: (402) 563-7340
Cheryl Jasa – Billing Clerk (13 Years) Email: Cheryl.jasa@behlenmfg.com,
Phone: (402) 563-7336
Jennifer Giroux – LTL Coordinator
Email: Jennifer.giroux@behlenmfg.com, Phone: (402) 563-7452