Behlen Mfg. Co.


The BMC Transportation Driver of the Month for September was awarded to Randy Reynolds. Randy is a returning owner-operator and first began with our fleet in 2008. During his time here, Randy has achieved Driver of the Month and Accident-Free Status. Randy is commended for knowing the products on his trailer, having great relationships with customers, keeping up on paperwork and running lots of miles! In addition to his hard work on the road, he is known for his friendliness and outgoing personality in the office. Thank you, Randy, for all you do and congratulations!

The BMC Transportation August Driver of the Month award went to Michael Spencer. During the five years that Mike has been part of our fleet, he has worked hard, increased his miles and shown that he is a leader. Mike is commended for his help in solving loading issues as well as maintaining good relationships with the customers and the BMCT staff. Thank you, Mike, for all your help and congratulations!!

Mario Garcia received the July Driver of the Month award. Mario started with the BMCT fleet in 2016. During his time here he has run over 300k miles and has maintained a great safety record. Mario is commended for taking care of the customer’s needs, assisting the BMCT staff with training and keeping up on his paperwork. Congratulations, Mario!

The Driver of the Month for June is James (Mike) Peterson. James started his career with our fleet over three years ago and during his time has really gone the extra mile to get things done. James has a great safety record and is a great mentor for other drivers; both new and current. James is recognized by other drivers and customers for being pleasant and helpful. He is always on time with paperwork and ready to take another load. Thank you, James, for your contributions and hard work!

Tom Arehart received the BMCT Driver of the Month for May. Tom is a familiar face at Behlen and BMCT with just over 23 years of service with the BMCT Fleet. During his time here, Tom has been recognized as Driver of the Year, Accident-Free, a recipient of the Two Million Mile award, a member of the President’s Safe Driving Club as well as Driver of the Month on various occasions. Tom travels to Canada regularly and has great relationships with all customers. He is commended by the BMCT staff for his hard work and dedication to the fleet. Thank you, Tom, for all you do!

The BMC Transportation Driver of the Month for April was awarded to Joe Hunt. Joe has been a member of the BMCT fleet for almost two years. During his short time with BMCT he has set a great example for other owner-operators, both new and existing. Joe has maintained a clean safety record, takes the time to take care of the customers as well as the BMCT staff. He is commended for his selfless acts to help farmers around the state during the Nebraska flood as well as his pleasant attitude and patience. Joe pays attention to detail with his paperwork and takes the time to do it right. Thank you, Joe, for your commitment and hard work!

Bobby Lincoln was awarded the BMC Transportation Driver of the Month for March. Bobby is a 15 year member of the BMCT fleet and has achieved Accident-Free Status, President’s Safe Driving Club Status, a One Million Mile Award as well as being a previous Driver of the Month. Bobby is known by customers as respectful and always willing to help out. He has a “keep truckin” attitude and never turns down freight. The BMCT office would like to commend Bobby for his willingness to run the miles and take care of customers. Thank you for your contribution, Bobby! Congratulations.

The February Driver of the Month was awarded to Daniel Wheeler. Dan has been with the fleet for just under three years and during his time here has maintained an accident-free record as well as previously receiving Driver of the Month. Dan began as a contracted driver for a current fleet owner who operates several trucks under BMCT. He became an owner-operator himself and has exceled ever since. Dan is commended for always being helpful, respectful and taking care of customers as well as Behlen and BMCT. Thank you, Dan! Congratulations on your achievement.