Behlen Mfg. Co.


The BMC Transportation Driver of the Month for October was awarded to Mario Garcia. Known for his pleasant attitude with customers and in the office, Mario has a take-charge attitude and is always willing to help. Mario maintains a great safety record, always turns in timely paperwork and runs great miles! Thanks, Mario, for all of your hard work and dedication. The BMCT staff appreciates everything you do. Congratulations on your well-deserved award!

Douglas Starkey was awarded the Driver of the Month for September. Doug brings many years of experience to the BMCT Fleet and has a take-charge attitude. Doug is a past recipient of the Driver of the Month Awards, has received the Driver of the Year as well as Accident-Free and President’s Safe Driving Awards during his time here. A fleet owner dedicated to BMC Transportation, Doug has what it takes to run hard, manage his business and build good relationships with everyone he meets. Thank you, Doug, for your contributions, hard work and dedication! Congratulations!

The BMC Transportation Driver of the Month for August was awarded to Donald Todd. Known for paying attention to detail, turning in timely paperwork and building great relationships with customers, Don is a leader among the fleet. He began his career with the fleet in 2014 and has maintained high miles, many drops and a safe record. This is Don’s 2nd Driver of the Month Award and he has also received Accident Free awards in the past. The BMCT Staff would like to thank Don for his great attitude, thorough paperwork, great communication and service. Congratulations, Don!

The July Driver of the Month award was given to Warren Raymer. Warren will be celebrating nine years with BMCT this year and is a leader in our fleet. He is a great mentor to new drivers and always looks out for others. Whether it’s running to Canada, California or somewhere along the east coast, Warren is always ready for the next load. He works hard and is willing to run high miles in some of the more difficult areas around the U.S. Additionally, Warren has received the Driver of the Month several times in past years, is a part of the Accident-Free Driving Club, the President’s Safe Driving Club and was Driver of the Year in 2015. Congratulations, Warren!

The BMCT Driver of the Month for June is Curtis Kopejtka. Curt began his career with BMC Transportation in 2013. Known for his rapport with customers, his timeliness of deliveries and his good attitude in the office, Curt has quickly become a top runner in our fleet. Curt never turns down a load, runs a lot of miles through Canada and enjoys what he does. Thank you, Curt, for your hard work, the BMCT Staff appreciates your positive attitude, timely paperwork and willingness to run the miles. Congratulations!

James Peterson received the BMC Transportation Driver of the Month Award for May. James has been with the BMCT Fleet for two and a half years and during this short time has given 200%. Known for his timeliness of deliveries and good relationships with customers, James has earned this award. The BMCT staff would like to congratulate and commend James for his great attitude in the office and with customers. Additionally, James has remained accident free while running a high amount of miles each month. Thank you, James, for being such a great asset to both BMC Transportation Co. and Behlen Mfg. Co.

The BMCT April Driver of the Month was awarded to Tom Arehart. A 22-year member of the fleet, Tom has driven more than 2.5 million miles, is a 16-year member of the President’s Safe Driving Club and has received a two-million-mile award which is presented by the National Safety Council. Additionally, Tom was awarded Driver of the Year in 2016 and has also been chosen for Driver of the Month numerous times. Tom is recognized for his accident-free record, willingness to run miles, and promoting great relationships with customers and BMC Transportation staff. Thank you, Tom!

The BMC Transportation Driver of the Month for March was awarded to Roger Fretwell. Roger is a 12-year member of the BMCT Fleet and has given 200% since day one. During his time here, Roger has recorded 1.4 million miles, received the President’s Safe Driving Award for six years, has been the recipient of numerous accident-free awards, is a one-million-mile award winner, and has been chosen to receive past Driver of the Month Awards. Roger is commended by the BMCT staff for his hard work, timely paperwork and great attitude. Thank you, Roger, for all you do . . . and congratulations!